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Rice India
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Color Sorting

The long course of rice processing ends with color sorting. This stage basically aims at removing any discolored grains from the rice. This is done to give the final product a uniform look.

The entire process of color sorting is primarily technology oriented. Here in, CCD technology is used that performs high-resolution-optical inspection of each and every kernel. The technology aims at kernels that are predominantly chalky and discolored, bringing their concentration down. As a result, the final product gets a uniform look.

With the use of state of the art technology, Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. does this task quite successfully. It makes use of Sortex A-5, one of the highly acclaimed color sorters. This color sorter has been provided by the Sortex of London. Such is the efficiency of this sorter that there are only 4 discolored kernels in every 45,000 good kernels. Now not every processor can offer you such a high degree of accuracy.