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Rice India
     Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 

Packaging And Shipment

At Parwaz Overseas, the attention remains on the product till it leaves our premises. This is why we look into the packaging and shipment too in detail.

An electronic bagging technique is used to ensure that each and every bag is packaged to the exact required quantity. The products are packaged in small sized quantities like 1 kg to large sized quantities such as 50 kg.

A wide range of packaging materials are used depending upon customer needs and preferences. Some of the common materials used for packaging include paper-sack, cotton, cardboard, polypropylene and jute.

Once the final product is packaged, it is shipped to various sale points both- inside and outside the country. A well-coordinated transportation system takes care of the transportation of the product. The company also has tie-ups with most shipping lines to ensure that the cargo reaches the requisite place in the stipulated time.