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Rice India
     Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 


  • Warehousing
    The primary difference between regular rice and basmati rice is the latter's distinct aroma and flavor. This enhanced taste and flavor comes from the seasoning of rice for eight to nine months.
  • Packaging And Shipment
    At Parwaz Overseas, the attention remains on the product till it leaves our premises. This is why we look into the packaging and shipment too in detail.
  • Seed Distribution
    Like you cannot have a strong building on weak foundation, you cannot have a high quality crop, without using the right seeds.
  • Grading
    The rice is graded both- in terms of thickness as well as length. This helps separate the broken and shriveled rice.
  • Color Sorting
    The long course of rice processing ends with color sorting. This stage basically aims at removing any discolored grains from the rice. This is done to give the final product a uniform look.
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning is the first step in milling of rice. In this stage, straws, stones, metal particles, threads, mud stones and other foreign and unwanted materials are removed from the grain.