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Rice India
     Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 


With quality as our threshold, we at Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. aim to offer nothing less than the best. It is our constant endeavor to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Right from sourcing the crop to the final packaging, our experts ensure that the overall quality is never compromised upon.

'Quality is our habit, customer is our king'

We source our crops from the best geographical locations, which explains the sophisticated taste of our products. In addition, we adhere to the highest standards of processing and packaging so that you get to taste the true Indian flavor and aroma in its true spirit and form.

It is our penchant for quality that makes our products tantalizing for the taste buds and appetizing for the stomach. With an increasing emphasis on health, we are determined to offer unadulterated and chemical free products, making us instantly click with the health conscious generation of today. At a time, when most companies are engaging in liberal use of chemicals to increase the shelf life of products, we have absolutely chemical-free offerings to make.

Though we deal in Indian crops, our aim is to serve the global platter. With a rapidly expanding base, we wish to take Indian cuisine far and wide. We have already achieved this aim slightly by taking our private labels to the international market. Considering the huge popularity that our products have met with on the global front, our aim no longer seems to be a distant vision.

A happy and satisfied customer base spread across the globe is what visionaries at Parwaz Overseas Pvt. Ltd. envisage. With our no-compromise policy, this will soon be a dream come true.